I Am Life

I have no name
I am as the fresh breeze of the mountains
I have no shelter
I am as the wandering waters
I have no sanctuary, like the dark gods
Nor am I in the shadow of deep temples
I have no sacred books
Nor am I well-seasoned in tradition
I am not in the incense
Mounting on the high altars
Nor in the pomp of ceremonies
I am neither in the graven image
Nor in the rich chant of a melodious voice
I am not bound by theories
Nor corrupted by beliefs
I am not held in the bondage of religions
Nor in the pious agony of their priests
I am not entrapped by philosophies
Nor held in the power of their sects
I am neither low nor high
I am the worshipper and the worshipped
I am free
My song is the song of the river
Calling for the open seas
Wandering, wandering
I am Life.   

J. Krishnamurti

The Present Moment

I was once asked to give proof that the present moment is all we have. I smiled and responded: “Try to get out of it!”

One with life


Die Liste der 10 Fesseln ist vielleicht die bekannteste Roadmap des buddhistischen Weges zum Erwachen. Während wir uns durch diese Fesseln arbeiten, stellen wir fest, dass wir im Wesentlichen unsere Schritte zurückverfolgen und Illusionsschichten zurückziehen, die vor vielen Jahren niedergelegt wurden.⠀⠀⠀

Kevin Shanilec⠀